Authentic Szechuan Style Appetizer
 AS1.  红油泡菜 Pickled Cabbage w. Hot Chili Oil  2.95
AS2.  成都冷面 Chengdu Style Cold Sesame Noodles  5.95
AS3.  担担面 Dan Dan Noodle w. Chili Sauce 5.25
AS4.  成都凉粉 Szechuan Home Made Cold Noodle 5.25
AS5.  红油炒手 Spicy Baby Wontons  5.25
AS6.  红油菜饺 Spicy Veg. Dumpling  5.25
AS7.  夫妻肺片 Ox Tongues, Triple w. Hot & Pepper Sauce 7.25
AS8.  麻辣鸭舌 Duck Tongue w Hot & Pepper Sauce  8.95
AS9.  川味香肠 Szechuan Flavored Sausage  7.25
AS10. 红油肚片 Pig’s Tripe w. Chili Oil  7.25
AS11. 成都拌土鸡 Chengdu Free Range Chicken  9.95
AS12. 麻辣牛筋 Beef Tendon w. Hot & Pepper Sauce  7.25
AS13. 蒜泥白肉    Sliced Pork w. Fresh Garlic  7.25
AS14. 口水鸡 Cold Chicken in Spicy Sauce  7.25
AS15. 麻辣腰花 Hot & Spicy Pig’s Kidney   7.25
AS16. 脆皮大肠 Crispy Fried Pig’s Intestines  7.95    

AS17. 凉拌海蜇丝 Jelly Fish in Scallion Tasty Sauce  8.95
AS18. 麻辣螺片 Sliced Conch w. Hot & Spicy Sauce  10.95
AS19. 麻辣兔丁 Diced Rabbit Ding w. Hot & Spicy Sauce  7.95
AS20. 薑汁芦笋  Asparagus w Ginger Sauce   7.95


Classic Appetizers

A1.   Egg Roll  1.50
A2.   Shanghai Spring Roll   1.50
A3.   Shrimp Egg Roll   1.75
A4.   Teriyaki Chicken on the Stick   6.25
A5.   Teriyaki Beef on the Stick    7.25
A6.   Crab Rangoon    5.25
A7.   Fried Wontons    5.25
A8.   Shredded Chicken w. Spicy Sauce   7.25
A9.   Chicken Wings    5.25
A10. Shrimp Toast    5.25
A11. Fried Chicken Nuggets   5.25
A12. Crispy Shrimp Ball   5.25
A13. Scallion Pancakes    5.25
A14. Cold Noodles w. Sesame Sauce   5.25
A15. Pork Dumplings (Fried or Steamed)   5.25
A16. Veg. Dumplings (Fried or Steamed)    5.25
A17. Chicken Dumpling (Fried or Steamed)   5.25
A18. Steamed Shrimp Dumplings   5.25
A19. Szechuan Lamb Dumplings     5.25
A20. BBQ Spare Ribs     7.25
A21. Boneless Spare Ribs    7.25
A22. Pu Pu Platter (for 2)   15.95
          Spring Roll, Fried Wonton, Shrimp Toast, Chicken
          Wings, BBQ Spare Ribs & Teriyaki Beef.   
A23. Shumai (Japanese Style Shrimp Dumpling) 5.25
A24. Edamame (Steamed Young Soy Beans)    5.25
A25. Japanese Style Seaweed Salad   5.25

Classic Soup      

S1. Chicken Noodle or Rice Soup     PT 1.85   QT 3.55  
S2. Egg Drop Soup    PT 1.85   QT 3.55
S3. Hot & Sour Soup    PT 1.85    QT 3.55
S4. Meat Wonton Soup    PT 1.85    QT 3.55
S5. Vegetable Bean Curd Soup   6.95
S6. Chicken Corn Soup   6.95
S7. Seafood Ginger Clear Soup   9.95

Szechuan Style Soup  (for 2)     
S8.   酸辣鱼片汤 Hot & Sour Fish Fillet Soup   8.95
S9.   榨菜肉丝汤 Pork & Pickled Cabbage Soup   6.95
S10. 番茄蛋花汤 Tomato Egg Drop Soup   6.95
S11. 清炖排骨汤 Stewed Sparerib Soup   6.95
S12. 排骨番茄汤 Tomato Sparerib Soup   8.95
S13. 酸菜猪肚汤 Pig’s Tripe & Pickled Mustard Soup   7.95
S14. 三鲜豆腐汤 Three Treasure Bean Curd Seafood Soup   9.95               

Classic Vegetables
V1. 翡翠三样 Green Jade Delight 9.95
V2. 冬菇白菜 Baby Bok Choy w. Black Mushroom 9.95
V3. 干扁四季豆 Sautéed String Beans 9.95
V4. 素什锦 Mixed Vegetables 9.55
V5. 鱼香芥兰 Broccoli w. Garlic Sauce 9.55
V6. 鱼香茄子 Eggplant in Garlic Sauce 9.95
V7. 什菜豆腐 Tofu w. Mixed Vegetables 9.55
V8. 清炒豆苗 Sautéed Snow Peas Tips S/P

Szechuan Style Vegetables
V9. 麻婆豆腐 Ma Po Tofu (w. or w/o. minced pork) 10.55
V10. 虎皮青椒 Grilled Spicy Pepper 10.55
V11. 蚂蚁上树 Ants Climbing the Tree w. Minced Pork 10.55
V12. 松子玉米 Corn with Pine Seed 10.55
V13. 青椒土豆丝 Potato w. Green Pepper 10.55
V14. 青菜炒粉丝 Sautéed Bean Thread w. Green Veg 10.55
V15. 肉末泡菜 Pickled Cabbage w. Minced Pork 10.55
V16. 双冬面筋 Wheat Gluten w. Bamboo Shoots 10.95
V17. 水煮双冬豆腐 Braised Tofu ﹠ Bamboo Shoots 10.95
V18. 炝炒芦笋 Sautéed Spicy Asparagus 10.95
V19. 孜然藕丁 Diced Lotus Roots w Special Pepper Sauce 10.95
V20. 清炒丝瓜 Sauteed Loofah 11.95
V21. 清炒唐芥兰 Sauteed Chinese Broccoli 11.95
Rice & Lo Mein
1. Brown Rice or Steamed White Rice (Pt.)1.50 (Qt.) 2.50
2. Vegetable Fried Rice / Lo Mein 7.95
3. Vegetable Fried Brown Rice 8.95
4. Meat Fried Rice / Lo Mein 8.95
(Choice: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp)
5. House Special Fried Rice / Lo Mein 8.95
6. Yang Zhou Fried Rice 8.95
7. Egg & Scallion Fried Rice 8.95

Chow Mei Fun / Chow Fun
8. Vegetable Chow Mei / Chow Fun 8.95
9. Meat Chow Mei / Chow Fun 9.95
(Choice: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp)
10. House Special Chow Mei / Chow Fun 9.95
11. Singapore Chow Mein Fun 9.95

Egg Foo Young
12. Vegetable Egg Foo Young 8.95
( Add Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp for $1)
13. House Special Egg Foo Young 9.95

Chow Mein / Chop Suey
14. Vegetable Chow Mein / Chop Suey 8.95
( Add Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp for $1)
15. House Special Chow Mein / Chop Suey 9.95
Moo Shu (5 pancakes)
16. Vegetable Moo Shu 8.95
( Add Chicken, Pork, Beef, Shrimp for $1)
17. House Special Moo Shu 9.95
Chicken (w. White Rice or Brown Rice)
18. Chicken w. Broccoli (or Mixed Vegetables) 10.25
19. Chicken w. Cashew Nuts 10.25
20. Chicken w. String Beans 10.25
21. Moo Goo Gai Pan 10.25
22. Sesame Chicken 10.25
23. Sweet & Sour Chicken 10.25
24. General Tso’s Chicken 10.25
25. Chicken w. Spicy Garlic Sauce 10.25
26. Curry Chicken 10.25
27. Chicken Breast w. Lemon Sauce 10.25
28. Orange Chicken 10.25
29. Eggplant & Chicken w. Five Flavor Sauce 11.95
Pork (w. White Rice or Brown Rice)
30. Sliced Pork w. Mixed Vegetable or Broccoli 9.95
31. Sweet & Sour Pork 9.95
32. Sliced Pork w. Soy Bean Paste 11.95
33. Pork w. String Beans 9.95
Beef (w. White Rice or Brown Rice)
34. Beef w. String Beans 11.95
35. Beef w. Broccoli (or Mixed Vegetables) 11.95
36. Sauteed Beef w. Spring Onion 11.95
37. Pepper Steak 11.95
38. Beef w. Spicy Garlic Sauce 11.95
39. Kung Po Beef w. Peanuts 11.95
40. Mongolian Beef 11.95
Seafood (w. White Rice or Brown Rice)
41. Shrimp w. Broccoli (or Mixed Vegetable) 11.95
42. Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce 11.95
43. Baby Shrimp w. Szechuan Sauce 11.95
44. Kung Po Shrimp w. Peanuts 11.95
45. Shrimp w. Spicy Garlic Sauce 11.95
46. Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts 11.95
47. Shrimp w. String Beans 11.95
48. Sesame Shrimp 12.55
49. General Tso’s Shrimp 12.55
50. Scallops w. Mixed Vegetable 12.55
51. Sauteed Scallop w. Spicy Garlic Sauce 12.55
Fish (w. White Rice or Brown Rice)
F1. 糖醋鱼片 Fish Slices in Sweet & Sour Sauce 14.95
F2. 翡翠鱼片 Fish Slices w. Vegetable Green 14.95
F3. 松子鱼 Pineseed Fish Fillet 14.95
F4. 葱烧鱼 Fish Fillet w. Scallion Sauce 14.95
F5. 辣子鱼 Spicy Fish 15.95
F6. 麻婆鱼丁 Mapo Fish Ding 15.95
F7. 豆花鱼片 Fish & Bean Flower in Hot Chili Sauce 15.95
F8. 水煮鱼片 Braised Fish Fillet w. Chili Sauce 15.95
F9. 酸菜全鱼 Whole Fish w. Pickled Mustard S/P
F10. 家常脆皮全鱼 House Style Crispy Whole Fish S/P
F11. 清蒸全鱼 Steamed Whole Fish S/P
F12. 豆瓣鱼 Braised Whole Fish w. Hot Bean Paste S/P

Szechuan Style Hot Pot Special
HS1. 五更肠旺 Pig’s Intestine in Spicy Fine Pot 14.95
HS2. 干锅鸡 Dry Panned Chicken w.Chili Sauce 12.95
HS3. 干锅牛/羊肉 Dry Panned Beef (or Lamb) w. Chili 14.95
HS4. 干锅田鸡 Dry Panned Frog Meat w. Chili Sauce 15.95
HS5. 干锅肥肠Dry Panned Pig’s Intestine 14.95
HS6. 血旺鱼片 Fish Fillet w. Pig’s Blood in Fine Pot 15.95



H1a. 成都炒饭 Chengdu Spicy Fried Rice   9.95
H1b. 麻辣炒面 Hot & Spicy Lo Mein   9.95
H2.   辣鸡米  Spicy Chichen Rice (w.Pancake)   11.95
H3.   小米辣双丁 Baby Chili Pepper w. Shrimp & Chicken   12.95
H4.   辣子鸡丁 Spicy Diced Chicken Ding  12.55
H5.   三椒扁鸡 Triple Pepper Chicken   2.55
H6.   宫保鸡 Kung Pao Chicken  w. Peanuts   12.55
H7.   火山鸡 Spicy Volcano Chicken   12.55
H8.   水煮鸡片 Braised Chicken Fillet w. Chili Sauce   12.55
H9.   香辣鸡片 Spicy Chicken w. Chili Sauce   12.55
H10. 干扁土鸡   Dry Sauteed Free Range Chicken    15.95
H11. 火山兔片 Spicy Volcano Rabbits Fillet    14.95
H12. 香辣兔片 Spicy Rabbit Fillet w. Chili Sauce   14.95
H13. 成都扣肉 Chengdu Style Braised Steam Pork   12.55
H14. 回锅肉 Double Cooked Pork   12.55
H15. 生爆盐煎肉 Sauteed Fresh Pork Bacon    12.55
H16. 京酱肉丝 Shredded Pork w. Perking Sauce   12.55
H17. 鱼香肉丝 Shredded Pork in Garlic Sauce    12.55
H18. 中芹肉丝 Shredded Pork w. Chinese Celery   12.55
H19. 火爆腰花 Pan Fried Pork Kidney Fillet   11.95
H20. 水煮腰花 Braised Pork Kidney Fillet w. Chili Sauce  11.95
H21. 粉蒸排骨 Steamed Spareribs w. Rice Flour    12.55
H22. 甜酸排骨 Spareribs in Sweet & Sour Sauce   12.55
H23. 椒盐排骨 Cispy Spareribs w. Salt & Pepper   12.55
H24. 粉蒸肉  Steamed Pork w. Rice Flour   12.55
H25. 四川羊 Sauteed Lamb Fillet Szechuan Style   13.95
H26. 孜然香辣牛/羊 Spicy Beef (or Lamb) w. Pepper Sauce   13.95
H27. 水煮牛/羊 Braised Beef (or Lamb) Fillet w. Chili Sauce   13.95
H28. 水煮肉片 Braised Silced Pork w. Chili Sauce   12.55
H29. 香辣肉片 Spicy Sliced Pork w.Chili Sauce   12.55
H30. 干扁牛肉丝 Szechuan Style Shredded Beef   12.95
H31. 干扁猪肉丝 Szechuan Style Shredded Pork  12.55
H32. 干扁肥肠 Sauteed Pig’s Intestine   13.95
H33. 樟茶鸭腿 Smoked Tea Duck legs   16.95
H34. 煎椒鸭舌 Duck Tongue w. Green Pepper   16.95
H35. 香辣田鸡 Spicy Frog Meat in Chili Sauce   15.95
H36. 家常田鸡 Home Style Frog Meat   15.95
H37. 韭王田鸡 Frog Meat w. Yellow Chives   16.95
H38. 韭王螺片 Sliced Conch w. Yellow Chives   17.95
H39. 香辣鸭片 Sliced Duck w. Chili Sauce   16.95
H40. 酱爆鸭片 Sauteed Sliced Duck w. Soy Bean Sauce   16.95
H41. 香辣特大虾 Hot & Spicy Jumbo Prawn   16.95
H42. 小椒鱿鱼丝 Shredded Squid w. Green Pepper   13.95


D1. 香糖核桃 Sweet & Crispy Walnuts   4.95
D2. 酒糧汤圆 Sweet Sesame Rice Ball Soup   4.95
D3. 红薯饼 Sweet Potato Red Bean Cake   4.95
D4. 蜜汁八宝饭 Eight Treasures Sweet Rice w. Honey   4.95
D5. 芋泥 Sweet Mashed Taro   4.95
D6. 冰淇凌 House Ice Cream   2.50
D7. 叶儿粑 Sweet Rice Ball In Lotus Leaves  4.95